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Kelly Brenner WINNER in the Playoffs
Lindsay Gizzi Makes it Look Easy
Upper V Chip Shot
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Ian Woodward-Smith,
Founder, Scorebird

Rapid Replay is a necessity in today's sports world. With more youth and high school teams using video every day, there has to be a user-friendly option that doesn't break the bank. This is it!

Bill Reaume, Boy’s Soccer Coach, Jacksonville High School (GA)

A tool to stream to our fans, then store the footage free and watch minutes after the final whistle? There’s nothing else this affordable and user-friendly.

Andy Cuismano, Broadcast Director, Park City High School (UT)

Some games we stream through the app, others we use the RTMP. The versatility of STREAM is huge for us.

Jim Smith, Athletic Director, Northmont High School (OH)

Rapid Replay’s video player has been a hit on our website. It’s a unique way to keep our fans coming back for more.

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