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All paid STREAM Packages allows you to stream games at no cost to your fans. Utilize your mobile device, Hudl Focus cameras, or any other fixed cameras.

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You, your coaches, and your fans can easily access SportsEngine Play with your existing SportsEngine logins. No new passwords to deal with, just one click and you're in!

Brigham Baker

AD, Lake Oswego High School

The care and attention from the SportsEngine Play organization has been great when we have questions about the product, so we can get videos directly on our VNN website for all of our viewers. SportsEngine Play is an excellent company that we are proud to be working with!

Jim Smith

AD, Northmont High School

The ability to pull out my phone at any event and broadcast live to our fans is a game changer. It’s awesome we can sync our fixed cameras as well, but a streaming from a phone or iPad is huge.

Chris Hartley

AD, Lakeside School

We’ve been waiting for a service that streams directly to our VNN website. Not just for football, but all of our sports. That’s why we’re so excited about Rapid Replay’s new streaming solution.

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Best for schools looking to
stream only the big events


Pay-Per-View Only 30% of
proceeds to school

Videos are broadcast
to your VNN site live

All videos ingested into Clutch and available  for  highlight clipping

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Best for schools catering to
all of their teams


Free package options, plus:

Free Streaming Available

50% of PPV Proceeds to school

Free Rapid Replay game film analysis/highlight software for one team

Scorebird device for automatic score reporting and overlay

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Best for schools looking to
maximize revenue


Standard package options, plus:

75% of PPV proceeds to school

2 Scorebird devices for automatic score reporting and overlays

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After the Game

Game film analysis and highlight tapes

Every game filmed with SportsEngine Play is automatically be ingested into our game film portal for post-game analysis and highlight clipping. SportsEngine Play provides free, unlimited video storage for coaches and allows the entire team community to rewatch the game, tag plays, clip highlights, and create highlight tapes.

Coaches get access to all footage and editing tools at no cost. Players and members of the fan community can receive full access by upgrading to the PRO subscription.

All highlights clipped on SportsEngine Play feed back into your video highlight player to embed on your website.
Additional Features

Score overlays

SportsEngine Play can overlay all the data from a scoreboard on your streams. Simply plug in the device to your scoreboard and the game score will automatically display on your live-stream

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Download the SportsEngine Play app on the App Store

Stream games from your mobile device, CCTV, or Hudl Focus camera

Watch the live videos on your SE website!

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Streaming FAQ

SportsEngine Play FAQ

What if I already stream using another device or service?
STREAM can take video from anywhere. From a simple iPhone to an entire production team, simply enter the information in the SportsEngine Play app and the video will broadcast on your SE website.
Can I stream using my Hudl Focus camera?
Yes, you can stream using Hudl Focus or any CCTV camera you have in your facility. After registering for STREAM, you’ll setup the one-time connection between your camera and STREAM; from there, you can stream remotely from your dashboard or mobile app and even schedule streams in advance.
Why wouldn't I just stream to YouTube?
While YouTube offers free streaming, SportsEngine Play STREAM:

- Broadcasts your games directly to your VNN website instead of a YouTube page
- Automatically integrates your VNN schedules and publishes to your social channels when the stream is live
- Allows you to stream from your mobile device at any time vs YouTube where you can only stream from a phone/tablet if you have over 1,000 subscribers
- Allows you to stream multiple events at once vs YouTube when you can only stream one event at a time per account
- Will not take down your stream for music copywright vs YouTube, where your band or gym playing a song could have your stream cancelled instantly
- Stream all sports. With RR STREAM, you can stream any event, any time with our point and stream mobile app. All sports and all levels, every team now gets the attention they deserve.
- Stream away games. Instead of relying solely on a fixed camera, RR STREAM gives you the flexibility to stream games away from home to keep your fans connected.
- Place your new device at a facility that doesn’t currently have a scorebird device to provide live scoring updates and automatic score overlays to your stream
- Have your Clutch package discounted by the price of a Scorebird device
Can I stream to my fans for free?
Yes! SportsEngine Play allows you to stream free to your fans, so they can stay in the know at all times.
Can I use STREAM for non-sporting events? +

Yes! You can broadcast any event directly to your website. Coaches announcements, parent meetings, signing days, award banquets--you can get creative and use SportsEngine Play for any event for your club.
I already use NFHS, why would I use STREAM? +
Most schools that use STREAM in addition to NFHS love the ability to:
- Stream all sports. With STREAM, you can stream any event, any time with our point and stream mobile app. All sports and all levels, every team now gets the attention they deserve, even if they aren’t at a main facility.
- Stream away games. Instead of relying solely on a fixed camera, STREAM gives you the flexibility to stream games away from home to keep your fans connected.
What if I don’t have WiFi? +
RR STREAM uses cutting edge technology to allow you to stream from anywhere that service allows. Like Facebook Live or Youtube Live, you can use WiFi, or just cell service and the quality of the stream will automatically match the quality of service. If your service quality changes throughout a stream, the quality of the stream will change accordingly. This minimizes any buffering or down time on the stream.
Can I clip highlights from my streams? +
Of course! Every time you stream a game, the full game film will be automatically ingested into SportsEngine Play for you to rewatch the film, tag plays, clip highlights, and create highlight tapes anytime. This acts as a private tool for team communities to collaborate around their game footage. Any highlights clipped can will filter into your highlights player. Your footage will be available on-demand as long as you wish.
Where are the streams broadcasted?
We publish the streams directly to your club website. If your club doesn't have a website, we can help you out!
How do I get my scoreboard overlays set up?
We currently offer automatic score overlays with Scorebird. Click here to learn how to set up your Scorebird device.
Can I access my footage after the event is over? +
All of your footage will be waiting for you in SportsEngine Play 30 minutes after your event is complete. SportsEngine Play is a lightweight, affordable game film tool to analyze film, tag plays, and clip highlights. Every team has a free account created for them. Coaches have free access to the footage and the rest of the team community can get access via a PRO subscription ($10/mo). Our game film is always free (with unlimited video storage) for coaches.
Who has the ability to stream to my school's website?
As an administrator, you have the power to grant streaming permission to members of your athletic community right on your SportsEngine Play app. Without permission, no one can stream to your website.
Do you offer a fixed-mount camera I can install to stream my games?
We do! If you’re interested in adding a camera to your STREAM package, simply email us at and we'll help you ASAP!
How can I generate revenue for my club with SportsEngine Play? +
Sponsor watermarks are the best way to generate revenue for your club using SportsEngine Play. You can upload a logo to be displayed on all your club's streams.

Video, particularly live streaming, is some of the most valuable digital real estate and a sponsor's logo will surface to a very engaged audience in your fans, so contact a local business to support your club today!

SportsEngine Play does not currently support pay-per-view streaming.
How can I purchase RR STREAM for my team, school, or club? +
Simply fill out the form here and we’ll help you get up and running ASAP.