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Stream FAQ

Can I stream to my fans for free?
Yes! STREAM by Rapid Replay gives you the flexibility to stream for free or charge your fans to view the games (pay-per-view).
Can I stream using my Hudl Focus camera?
- Yes, you can stream using Hudl Focus or any CCTV camera you have in your facility. 
- After registering for STREAM, you’ll setup the one-time connection between your camera and STREAM; from there, you can stream remotely from your dashboard or mobile app and even schedule streams in advance.
Do you provide a fixed-mount camera I can install to stream my games?
We do! If you’re interested in adding a camera to your STREAM package, simply email us at stream@rapidreplay.co and we’ll help you ASAP.
I already use NFHS, why would I need STREAM?
Most schools that use STREAM in addition to NFHS love the ability to:
- Stream all sports. With STREAM, you can stream any event, any time with our point and stream mobile app. All sports and all levels, every team now gets the attention they deserve, even if they aren’t at a main facility.
- Stream away games. Instead of relying solely on a fixed camera, STREAM gives you the flexibility to stream games away from home to keep your fans connected
How can I purchase STREAM for my team, school, or club?
Simply email us at stream@rapidreplay.co and we’ll help you get up and running ASAP.
Can I use STREAM for non-sporting events?
Yes! STREAM can be used for broadcasting any event directly to your website. Plays, dance competitions, band performances, assemblies, guest speakers, etc. and as always, you can choose to stream these events free* or pay-per-view.
*Please review any licensing requirements before streaming a play for free. Some require certain royalty fees.
How quickly do I get paid following a pay-per-view event?
We know how important these funds are to you and your department, so we can deposit the funds into your account within 24 hours of any pay-per-view event.
What if I already have a Scorebird device?
- All paid STREAM packages come with at least one Scorbird device included for automatic score overlays--Standard (1), Premium (2). 
- If you already have a Scorebird device(s) and are looking to purchase a STREAM package you can:
- Place your new device at a facility that doesn’t currently have a scorebird device to provide live scoring updates and automatic score overlays to your stream
- Have your Clutch package discounted by the price of a Scorebird device
What if I don’t have WiFi?
STREAM uses cutting edge technology to allow you to stream from anywhere that service allows. Like Facebook Live or Youtube Live, you can use WiFi, or just cell service and the quality of the stream will automatically match the quality of service. If your service quality changes throughout a stream, the quality of the stream will change accordingly. This minimizes any buffering or down time on the stream.
Can I clip highlights from my streams?
Of course! Every time you stream a game, the full game film will be automatically ingested into Clutch. Clutch is a private tool for team communities to collaborate around their game footage. You and whomever you wish in the team community can rewatch the film, tag plays, clip highlights, and create highlight tapes anytime. Your footage will be available on-demand as long as you wish.
Where are the streams broadcasted?
We publish the streams directly to your school or athletics website, depending on your preference. If you don’t have a centralized website, we can also provide your team or school with a streaming page of your own.