Here’s a short video on how to create a stream. 
Or please read the instructions below.

Getting Started with Streaming

Team Selector

Team selector. If the user is a member of multiple teams, this is the place where he can switch between them.


Tab to switch

Click on the tab to switch between the tabs within the Livestream section.
Archive - tab where all the previous live streams are kept with all the info and statistics on them.
Schedule - a tab to see the schedule of the livestreams and create a livestream.
Users - a tab to view and manage users and their permissions. Using any of the tabs, please make sure you have the right team selected in #1.


Create a livestream

Click to create a livestream event. Redirects to the Create a Livestream Form.



Сlick on the date to see the schedule for that day. Scrollable. Please use the arrows at the sides to scroll to the required date and the “Today” button to jump to today’s schedule in just one click.


Cards of the livestreams

The live streams scheduled for this day are displayed here. They are scrollable to the right and left.
If there’re more than 5 live streams scheduled for 1 day, the ones that have already passed (e.g. it’s 3 pm and we had a live stream today at 11am), are displayed to the left so that the next upcoming live stream is very easy to find.


Suggested Events

The Events in this section are events that we pull from your organization’s calendar automatically. They don’t have a livestream events but you can easily add them. Just click Create button and we’ll prefill all the inofrmation about this event.

Managing Streaming Permissions
Where to manage users?

Manage all your streaming permissions from the “Users” tab of the “STREAM” section of your app

How to add an existing user?

To add a user, use the Web application.


Then select the user you want to grant permission to and click “Grant access” button.

How to remove user?

To remove an admin, use the Web application, click “Remove”. Click "Remove" on the pop-up window.